Real Madrid Wags

Anonim wondered: When second daughter of Pepe will be born??? I`m waiting and nothing...

Late April or early May. 


Princess Angeli ♥


Princess Angeli

Anonim wondered: To the Anon who asked about Morata's gf, her name is Maria Pombo. :)

Hahaha :) I didn’t even notice the error. :)

Anonim wondered: Why Pilar and Sara were far that the others wags in Valencia?

Sara was sitting with her family and Pilar with Sergio’s family. 

Anonim wondered: I think Marta (Morata's gf) is gorgeous I'm so jealous :( anyway what is she doing? I mean she has finished high school so is she studying at university or is working?

Morata’s girlfriend - Maria or Carvajal girlfriend - Marta? About which one you ask?

Maria in Agua Amarga

Maria in Agua Amarga